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Entrepalavras – Revista de Linguística do Departamento de Letras Vernáculas da UFC gathers several actions aimed, specially, at strengthening of graduation students. Beyond the publication of undergraduate and postgraduate papers, the periodical provides courses, such as the Formação de Revisores, open to the general community and offered annually, and events such as the Sarau Entrepalavras, every six months, which allows the periodical to exceed the merely virtual and written character to provide the interaction between authors and readers, near or far, in a meeting that mixes languages, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Founded in 2011, the periodical has published its first issue, in which not only collaborators from Ceará participate, state of origin of the periodical, but also from more six states around the country. Based on strict principles of academic and scientific seriouness actions, Entrepalavras has an permanent Editorial Board, formed by researchers from national and international universities, who contribute to the quality of published papers, in double blind peer review.

In Entrepalavras, we blend all academic levels: from the graduate student to the doctor, because we believe that the quality does not depend on academic titles, but it depends on discipline and effort. Freedom-loving, it is also moved by a gentle, ecological spirit  that turns it exclusively electronic and allows free access to its eletronic pages. After all, the knowledge does not belong anyone specifically. It belongs to humanity as a whole. And, with that thought, Entrepalavras seeks to achieve everyone in that universal network that Web is, joining all of us in this universal network that we are, humans.

Launch of the fourth edition

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Fourth edition

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